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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reasons why porcelain veneers look fake

This is the first post for Fashion Beauty Smiles.

At Smile Stylist we feel like the smile is all about personal style and not just any "cosmetic dentist" is qualified to treat your smile. A smile should fit the face and look like it belongs to a person. Often times, when cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed like porcelain veneers, the smile looks wrong. It looks fake.
There are a few good reasons for this reaction. The first reason is that the shape of the porcelain veneers themselves do not resemble teeth. The second reason is that the internal characteristics of the porcelain veneers do not resemble what teeth look like in nature. Thirdly, the shapes of the porcelain veneers may look like natural teeth, but they don't look right on the persons face. Every persons face is unique, that means that every set of porcelain veneers should be unique to match that individuals face. That is not all, teeth should match personalities too. Teeth shapes and arrangements of heights and negative spaces can denote characteristics that are attributed to the person, such as flirty, youthful and exotic. The fourth reason that veneers can look fake is that the basic principles of a "smile design" are not adhered to.
"Smile design" is the buzz word in dentistry that means designing a smile makeover for a patient. There are a set of principles that dentists can abide by which help set up an ideal smile for a patient. These smile design principles can be tweaked to add more character or personality to a smile by a talented dentist with a lot of experience doing smiles and working with different personalities in the dental chair.
So you see, a lot goes into giving a patient a new confident smile. Would you trust just any dentist who says they do "Cosmetic dentistry" to handle the most important physical feature on your body as judged by the opposite sex. How do you find a cosmetic dentist to do your smile, when there is no board certified specialty in cosmetic dentistry?

Smile Stylist will help you get the smile of your dreams.

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