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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Smile

Want a flirty and youthful looking smile? Jessica Simpson epitomizes the youthful, flirty look from head to toe, or tooth. If you are looking for examples of youthful smiles in hollywood, look no further than Jessica Simpson's smile. Jessica Simpson's white teeth and tooth shapes are a great example of beautiful hollywood smiles. Traditionally a youthful smile is represented by the two front teeth being disproportionately large compared to the hight and width proportions of a more classically beautiful smile. The two centrals are more dominant in the smile and the lateral incisors, next to the central incisors, are shorter than typically seen as classically beautiful in our society. Embracing the differences in peoples smiles is what makes designing smile makeovers for patients so amazing. If you are looking for a youthful, flirty looking smile, then just think of Jessica Simpson's smile.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to cheat for your next dental check-up

If you start to get nervous before your dental check-ups, because you have been a bad patient and skipped out on flossing as part of your daily dental routine, try these six tips before your next trip to the dentist.

Tip one, start flossing twice a day at least 2 weeks before your check-up. Vigorously flossing a couple days before your appointment does not allow enough time for the inflammation of the gums to subside. Your teeth may look a little cleaner, but the gums will still be puffy and bleed easily.

If you start flossing twice a day for 2 weeks before your next cleaning appointment you can save yourself a lecture from the dentist and hygienist.

Tip two, brush your teeth before you go to your next cleaning. Removing the loose food particles and light plaque accumulation that occurs during the day will keep you out of trouble at your cleaning and might shorten the "How to brush" instructions you get at your visit.

Tip three, you probably think you are a good brusher, but you are most likely really terrible at it. No offense. The majority of patients get the most plaque and tarter build up behind the lower front teeth and on the outsides of the upper back teeth. This is due to the activity of the salivary glands in the mouth. To do a better job at home brushing your teeth, try to brush the worst spots first. The next runner up for worst spots in the mouth is the tongue side of the bottom back teeth. If you nail these spots first, you will be looking good for your next cleaning visit.

Tip four, quit smoking. Besides all of the other negative side effects of smoking, it amplifies problems in the mouth. When the potential for gum disease exists in the mouth, the difference between a deep cleaning and a routine cleaning may be the mouths reaction to that smoke your inhaling.

Tip five, brush with a sonic tooth brush. If you want your hygienist to smile when she sees you in her dental chair, switch to a Sonic tooth brush like Philips Sonicare to remove more plaque around the gum line than manual toothbrushing. Sonic tooth brushes do a better job of removing plaque from hard to reach places between the teeth. The first place the hygienist looks to see if you have been brushing and flossing like a good patient.

Tip six, try this to stop squirming in the chair. Start brushing with a sensitivity protection toothpaste, like Sensodyne, three weeks before your cleaning. A sensitivity protection toothpaste will make your teeth less sensitive to the air and water that dentists blast at the teeth. It can also reduce sensitivity from the dental instruments.

Good luck at your next cleaning!

Teeth whitening holiday tips

Dr. Jason was recently interviewed by fashion guru Joseph Shippee of Thirsty Threads. He had some great questions answered about how to get your teeth their whitest over the holidays. The interview includes what foods to avoid and what foods to eat, as well as how to freshen up your teeth on the go. Check out Thirsty Threads for more information about teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening tips for the holidays.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Smile Stylist before and after smile

Here is an example of a smile stylist before and after smile shot. Notice that this patient wanted longer and bigger whiter teeth, but we did not make them look unnatural despite the desires of the patient. They still have natural shapes. They do not look too fat and out of proportion. The two front teeth do not look too big like the previous post that highlighted the dentistry of a Los Angeles "World Renowned Aesthetic Dentist".
It is up to the patient to do the research, since there is no specialty in cosmetic dentistry. When doing your research, look at the before and after pictures of the dentists actual work to make sure you like the way they do smiles. Every dentist has a different aesthetic and some really don't have a clue how to do smiles at all.

LA "world renowned cosmetic dentist"

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Here is an example of the first smile makeover that pops up on a self proclaimed "World Renowned Aesthetic Dentist" in Las Angeles. They must be good with that title in LA, but truth be told, the before and after gallery looks pretty poor. The photography is not that great and shapes of the teeth look unnatural. Look at the over contouring of the two front teeth. They look too fat and round to be natural. This is an instant tip off of porcelain veneers done poorly.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
We would never name names when it comes to bad porcelain veneers. In fact, there are people who may really like this after smile, the dentist must have a lot of business in that regard. If that is the case, then we can not even call them bad, just different than what we do at Smile Stylist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At Smile Stylist, we would rate this smile poor, because it does not represent the type of smile that we would put in a patients mouth. We strive to make porcelain veneers look natural for our clients, because that is what they seek us out for their smile makeovers.

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Reasons why porcelain veneers look fake

This is the first post for Fashion Beauty Smiles.

At Smile Stylist we feel like the smile is all about personal style and not just any "cosmetic dentist" is qualified to treat your smile. A smile should fit the face and look like it belongs to a person. Often times, when cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed like porcelain veneers, the smile looks wrong. It looks fake.
There are a few good reasons for this reaction. The first reason is that the shape of the porcelain veneers themselves do not resemble teeth. The second reason is that the internal characteristics of the porcelain veneers do not resemble what teeth look like in nature. Thirdly, the shapes of the porcelain veneers may look like natural teeth, but they don't look right on the persons face. Every persons face is unique, that means that every set of porcelain veneers should be unique to match that individuals face. That is not all, teeth should match personalities too. Teeth shapes and arrangements of heights and negative spaces can denote characteristics that are attributed to the person, such as flirty, youthful and exotic. The fourth reason that veneers can look fake is that the basic principles of a "smile design" are not adhered to.
"Smile design" is the buzz word in dentistry that means designing a smile makeover for a patient. There are a set of principles that dentists can abide by which help set up an ideal smile for a patient. These smile design principles can be tweaked to add more character or personality to a smile by a talented dentist with a lot of experience doing smiles and working with different personalities in the dental chair.
So you see, a lot goes into giving a patient a new confident smile. Would you trust just any dentist who says they do "Cosmetic dentistry" to handle the most important physical feature on your body as judged by the opposite sex. How do you find a cosmetic dentist to do your smile, when there is no board certified specialty in cosmetic dentistry?

Smile Stylist will help you get the smile of your dreams.