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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Smile

Want a flirty and youthful looking smile? Jessica Simpson epitomizes the youthful, flirty look from head to toe, or tooth. If you are looking for examples of youthful smiles in hollywood, look no further than Jessica Simpson's smile. Jessica Simpson's white teeth and tooth shapes are a great example of beautiful hollywood smiles. Traditionally a youthful smile is represented by the two front teeth being disproportionately large compared to the hight and width proportions of a more classically beautiful smile. The two centrals are more dominant in the smile and the lateral incisors, next to the central incisors, are shorter than typically seen as classically beautiful in our society. Embracing the differences in peoples smiles is what makes designing smile makeovers for patients so amazing. If you are looking for a youthful, flirty looking smile, then just think of Jessica Simpson's smile.

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